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Oceans Campus - Mentoring a new generation of Wildlife Experts

Oceans Campus’s mission is to provide real world training and mentorship for the next generation of wildlife experts and professionals. We provide a gateway for students, volunteers and interns to gain practical training experience working with Africa’s wildlife. Our programs offer training and experience in a diversity of wildlife disciplines, including scientific research, wildlife media, environmental communications, practical conservation and environmental education. Each program is designed to offer aspiring adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to develop a specific skill set, whilst immersing yourself in unforgettable encounters with the wildlife of Southern Africa. Founded by National Geographic shark expert Ryan Johnson, the Oceans Campus has drawn on the regions most respected wildlife professionals, including co-founder and great white shark scientist Enrico Gennari, underwater and wildlife photographer Fiona Ayerst, wildlife ranger Hein Schoeman and many other wildlife and conservation professionals, who’s skills and leadership are designed to foster the career prospects of our students, volunteers and interns. Oceans Campus caters to the needs of international visitors, to ensure a safe, social and supportive environment, from which you can confidently launch into your ultimate African wildlife adventure.





Wildlife Internships in South Africa

Based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Oceans Campus is your gateway to wild Africa. We host a wide variety of courses which are designed to bring aspiring adventure and discovery enthusiasts as close as is safely possible to the amazing wildlife of South Africa. From courses focussed on the study of and interaction with great white sharks, elephants, whales, dolphins, to internships based on education, adventure racing, environmental conservation and sky diving. We also offer facilities to make our guests and students stay as pleasant and worthwhile as possible, including a dedicated research centre, spa, lecture room, business centre, conference room, lecture room, restaurant and bar, adventure centre and more. This variety of courses and facilities makes Oceans Campus one of the most broad and exciting places to be, and your gateway to wild Africa.