Oceans Research Internship

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The Oceans Research Internship provides unparalleled research training opportunities for aspiring marine scientists and researchers.

The Oceans Research Internship Program provides training opportunities for aspiring marine scientists, conservationists, and explorers. The program  enables interns to join with the regions top marine scientists to investigates the biology of marine mega-fauna, including Great White sharks, rays, marine mammals, other shark species and oceanography. The data produced allows Oceans Research to advise governmental, non-governmental and industry on relevant marine conservation issues, as well as, publish original academic research. The internship program offers practical and theoretical training  for aspiring marine scientists from internship to postgraduate levels in conjunction with partner schools, technical colleges and universities.

In addition to in-house research projects, the institute provides facilities for visiting marine scientists conducting a variety of biological and oceanographic projects throughout the major marine biomes of southern Africa. Join a focused research team undertaking ground breaking research on South Africa’s charismatic marine mega-fauna, while gaining valuable experience and training in marine research techniques and methodologies.

The 2014 Research Project list includes:

  • Population dynamic study of the Great White Shark
  • Visual acoustic deterrents of Great White Sharks
  • Habitat usage of marine mammals in Mossel Bay
  • Shark conditioning behavioural studies
  • Population structure and movement of benthic sharks
  • Predator/ prey behavioural strategies of white sharks and cape fur seals
  • Shark anatomical dissections and morphometrics

To learn more about Oceans Research, visit the institutes website.



Internship Calendar

oceans research calender

Internship Instructors

  • Enrico Gennari – Director of Research
  • Joe Fourie – Senior Technican
  • Dylan Irion – Scientist in Residence
  • Mike Barron – Scientist in Residence
  • Monica Betts – Scientist in Residence
  • Jack Hollins – Scientist in Residence
  • Alan Jardine – Senior Aquarist
  • Braham Smit – Field Specialist
  • Lauren Peel – Field Specialist

Course Fees

  • R 28, 999/month for 2015. Click here if you plan to attend during 2014



Priority given to natural science students and individuals with experience in environmental research and conservation.


Oceans Hotel & Campus, Mossel Bay, South Africa

Cost Breakdown


All practical training, 3 Meals per day, Accommodation, project related Transportation to / from campus, Airport pick up/drop off


Excursions, Internet, Laundry service, Cool drinks, SCUBA diving training (any level), Air travel to / from Mossel Bay



Photo Identification, acoustic tracking, dolphin surveys, shark aquarium research, shark aquarium husbandary, environmental studies, shark trapping & tagging, community outreach


Seamanship, research lectures, statistics, ArcGIS, mark-recapture training, photo identification

Please contact us for costs, applications and enquiries

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"The four years of university compares nothing to the skills and experiences I gained in my few months interning with ‘Oceans Research’."
Johnathan Swinton

Johnathan Swinton

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Oceans Research Internship

Based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Oceans Campus is your gateway to wild Africa. We host a wide variety of courses which are designed to bring aspiring adventure and discovery enthusiasts as close as is safely possible to the amazing wildlife of South Africa. From courses focussed on the study of and interaction with great white sharks, elephants, whales, dolphins, to internships based on education, adventure racing, environmental conservation and sky diving. We also offer facilities to make our guests and students stay as pleasant and worthwhile as possible, including a dedicated research centre, spa, lecture room, business centre, conference room, lecture room, restaurant and bar, adventure centre and more. This variety of courses and facilities makes Oceans Campus one of the most broad and exciting places to be, and your gateway to wild Africa.