Oceans Campus is designed to be a one stop shop for students and adventurers searching to experience the wonder of wild Africa. Since its inception, the campus has attracted a diverse and passionate staff who recognise the role this unique vehicle can play in contributing to the future of Africa's natural resources.


Oceans Campus is managed by a team of passionate and efficient professionals

  • Katie Cummings

    Katie Cummings, CEO

    After graduating from Quinnipiac University in 2008, Katie came to South Africa in 2010 to participate in the Oceans Research internship program. Three years of hard and passionate work led to her being appointed as the CEO of Oceans Campus, where her knowledge of the internships, the students, and the company enable Katie to ensure the smooth running and growth of our mission of conservation

  • Marie Schotlz

    Marie Schotlz, CFO

    With a deep sense of appreciation for nature and sensitive to matters relating to the conservation of ocean life forms, Marié shares the same passions and mission as our student body and wildlife instructors. Marie's forward thinking and understanding of the big picture, allows her to advance a, rapidly changing environment of conservation and research. She handles the day-to-day financial management and the long-term financial oversight of the many programmes and projects provided by Oceans Campus and its subsidiaries.


Meet the team on the ground, ensuring your fantastic time at Oceans Campus

  • Kennedene Michaels

    Kennedene Michaels, Head of Client Services

    Kennedene's experience in the hospitality industry ensures our high standards of service and customer care are met for all our clients. Kennedene is in charge of all communications with students before their arrival - so travel, safety, or banking questions? Kennedene can help! While on Campus, Kennedene doubles as the Campus Mom. Kennedene's care and tender heart create an incredible environment of safety and security at Oceans Campus.

  • Beauty

    Beauty, Chef

    My goodness can this lady bake! From cakes, to muffins, to cookies Beauty keeps our sweet tooth well fed. Beauty is incredibly passionate about what she does, and you can feel love behind every dish that is made for us. Beauty takes pride in providing our students and staff with delicious healthy meals, and we are truly thankful for her part.


Meet the wildlife professionals instructing and hosting you on our programs

  • Enrico Gennari

    Enrico Gennari, Oceans Research director

    Enrico Gennari, co-founder of Oceans, is recognized as one of South Africa’s leading shark scientists due to his groundbreaking research on the thermal eco-physiology of the white shark. His combining of behavior with physiologically has been at the bedrock of driving Oceans Research to its current position as the academic leader in the shark research field. As Director of Research, Enrico leads a formidable team of scientists and postgraduate students conducting groundbreaking research on South Africa’s marine mega fauna.

  • Fiona Ayerst

    Fiona Ayerst, Photographer and Journalist

    Fiona Ayerst is one of Africa’s most celebrated underwater and wildlife photographers. Fiona shares her knowledge of photography and diving with students allowing them to grow in their own skills and understanding of underwater photography. Fiona's contagious passion and comfort under the water creates an incredible atmosphere for learning and growing as an underwater photographer.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson, Wildlife Film-maker

    Ryan began his career as a marine scientist conducting groundbreaking research in Great White Sharks. From here, he was quickly drawn into the wildlife documentary field as a presenter and scientific expert for National Geographic, Discovery and History amongst others. In recent years, Ryan has used his deep knowledge of wildlife to venture behind the camera, shooting and producing his own documentaries. With over 50 internationally broadcast documentaries under his belt, Ryan holds a wealth of real-world scientific and media experience to share with students.

Volunteer programs and internships in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Oceans Campus is your gateway to wild Africa. We host a wide variety of courses which are designed to bring aspiring adventure and discovery enthusiasts as close as is safely possible to the amazing wildlife of South Africa. From courses focussed on the study of and interaction with great white sharks, elephants, whales, dolphins, to internships based on education, adventure racing, environmental conservation and sky diving. We also offer facilities to make our guests and students stay as pleasant and worthwhile as possible, including a dedicated research centre, spa, lecture room, business centre, conference room, lecture room, restaurant and bar, adventure centre and more. This variety of courses and facilities makes Oceans Campus one of the most broad and exciting places to be, and your gateway to wild Africa.