Combined Open-Advanced PADI

Combine your exploration of the underwater world through a PADI accredited Open to Advanced diver course at Oceans Campus


Our PADI- Open Water & Advanced SCUBA Combo certification is the first step in experiencing the ocean from an entirely new perspective. Carry on to advanced SCUBA certification, and expand your knowledge and learn new skills in the advanced class expanding your ability to function under the water and in different environments. Once you are comfortable in the water move on to new techniques such as  night diving, wreck diving, mixed gas, and navigation.

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Combined Open-Advanced PADI costs

R 6, 900

The price includes:

  • Tuition and instruction
  • Accreditation
  • Gear and equipment
  • Course notes
  • Program instructors
  • Transport

Oceans Campus Programs and Edutours

Our short courses are available to participants in either our training programs or education tours. They are designed to augment existing programs without interferring greatly. Thus most of the work is conducted either in the weekends, on bad weather days or after hours.

Volunteer programs and internships in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Oceans Campus is your gateway to wild Africa. We host a wide variety of courses which are designed to bring aspiring adventure and discovery enthusiasts as close as is safely possible to the amazing wildlife of South Africa. From courses focussed on the study of and interaction with great white sharks, elephants, whales, dolphins, to internships based on education, adventure racing, environmental conservation and sky diving. We also offer facilities to make our guests and students stay as pleasant and worthwhile as possible, including a dedicated research centre, spa, lecture room, business centre, conference room, lecture room, restaurant and bar, adventure centre and more. This variety of courses and facilities makes Oceans Campus one of the most broad and exciting places to be, and your gateway to wild Africa.