Matt Nelson

Wildlife & Adventure Photography – July 2012

Matt Nelson

About Matt Nelson

I was not sure entirely what to expect when I first went to South Africa for my photography internship in July 2012. The description mentioned great whites – of which I had a particular phobia at the time – so I was quite nervious about what it would entail. In the two months I spent there, I not only overcame my fear to cage dive with great whites, I also had the opportunity to interact with elephants and cheetahs; see most fo the big five on game drives and horse safaris; and photograph more different kinds of wildlife than I’d ever seen in my life! I then returned for three months as a field specialist in 2013 to assist in teaching and running the program. These have been amazing experiences, and I honestly did learn from from the internship and teaching than I ever did in a class at University.

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Volunteer programs and internships in Mossel Bay, South Africa

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