Wildlife Research Internship

Practical training in terrestrial research


Join our research team in their effort to understand and conserve some of Africa’s most vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems.  Gain first hand knowledge and experience while learning dangerous game approach methods, how to read animal behaviour, bush survival skills, and theoretical training on venomous snakes. Work together with researchers on various species of wildlife, as they conduct observational and behavioural studies on hippo, buffalo, zebra, white rhino, lion, elephant and more.  Do all of this while staying, at a beautiful rustic bush camp, on a free roaming big-5 reserve. Live the life of researchers in the field as you gain the experience needed for future careers in the wildlife conservation and research industries.

Operated in association with Oceans Research

Oceans Research provides and facilitates innovative and dynamic research relevant to the management and conservation of Southern Africa’s wildlife.Its research is interdisciplinary ranging from biological to socio-economic studies of marine and terrestrial resource utilisation in Southern Africa’s coastal society.

Oceans Research offers multi-disciplinary practical and theoretical training for aspiring researchers from internship to postgraduate levels in conjunction with partner schools, technical colleges and universities.

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Wildlife Research Internship costs

  • $3, 000 USD – 1 month

Should you be interested in applying for months outside our available season, please feel free to enquire.

The price includes:

  • Dorm accommodation
  • Traditional meals
  • Program expeditions
  • Tuition and mentoring
  • Program instructors
  • Adventure of a lifetime
  • Gear and Equipment

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Building a generation of wildlife leaders

Oceans Campus welcomes students, interns and volunteers on a continual basis. We pride ourselves in providing the best, most up to date training mixed in with a large dose of fun and travel. Join any, or all, of our programs and start your journey.

Volunteer programs and internships in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Oceans Campus is your gateway to wild Africa. We host a wide variety of courses which are designed to bring aspiring adventure and discovery enthusiasts as close as is safely possible to the amazing wildlife of South Africa. From courses focussed on the study of and interaction with great white sharks, elephants, whales, dolphins, to internships based on education, adventure racing, environmental conservation and sky diving. We also offer facilities to make our guests and students stay as pleasant and worthwhile as possible, including a dedicated research centre, spa, lecture room, business centre, conference room, lecture room, restaurant and bar, adventure centre and more. This variety of courses and facilities makes Oceans Campus one of the most broad and exciting places to be, and your gateway to wild Africa.